GFK | if liberty isn't given, it should be taken
Government's Fury Kills, the Franko Canadian vicious metal beast returns from the depths of Quebec City with an eleven track assault of political fired metal/hardcore! Those guys are struggling through the underground for about eight years now and released three album on their own! Well they finally hooked up with highly respectable label G7 Welcoming Committee and offer the follow-up to 2002's "In Defence Of Politics". There are just a few politically worthwile metalcore bands around, it's very nice that with GFK another one arose from the underground. They have a strong political message and underline that with their angry metallic outburst. From furious death metal attacks to mid-tempo sludging brutality and hardcore aggresion, these guys know how to form a blasting metalcore attack while GFK don't use common song-structures. With their fourth album they created their known sound that don't feature the usual "fast metal â?? hardcore breakdowns â?? and again" scheme. They incorporated a lot mid-tempo death metal pieces as well as playfully guitars! One of my favourites is "Todo Para Todos" when they break down they added ringing church bells to the sludgy metal while the vocalist growls his lungs out. The rest of the song rocks straight ahead with a rocking touch while the guitarist change between stunning riffs and playful cuts. Their lyrics touch a lot of different topics like feminism or globalization, sorry that I can't tell you more but this Promo doesn't carry the lyrics but GFK use expressive song-titles like "Years Of Feminism Destroyed" or my fav "Direct Action Is More Than Wearing A Che Guevera Shirt". GFK is an unrelenting force of politically fueled metalcore that compares a lot different metal styles to one brutal unit, already at the opener "The End Of Our Contribution To Modern Slavery" they combine melodic guitars with mosh death breaks as well as high speed pieces. The only bad thing I can say about this record could be the production, it's great and was done by Pierre Remillard (Cryptopsy, Misery Index) but it could be heavier and the record should be more intense! Their passionated intensity is one of the reasons why "If Liberty Isn't Given, It Should Be Taken" is so good with an even thicker production it could be even better! Anyways this is great stuff.
marcel - 30/11/2004
GFK - If Liberty Isn't Given, It Should Be Taken
01. The End Of Our Contr..
02. Rethinking Basic Ant..
03. Globaliverne
04. Time And Space Compr..
05. Years Of Feminism De..
06. Mathew Sheppard, Car..
07. Power Is Invisible U..
08. Todo Para Todos
09. Prison of Life
10. Religious Icons Are..
11. Direct Action Is Mor..
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