Point Of No Return
First of all can you please introduce yourself and the whole band to me and our readers?
Ok, I'm Frederico, I'm one of the 3 singers. Besides me there are Tigrilo (bass), Tarcísio and Juninho (guitar), Marcos and Kalota (vocals) and Luciano (drums). The band have been around since 1996 and in the beginning it was a side project of another local vegansxe band called "Self Conviction".

But it turned into your main band and passion?!
Yes, but it is because Self Conviction had broken up in 98. In the early years PONR was a kind of project in a way. Since them we released 2 full records and we some tours, including two in Europe, one in Argentina. Not everybody in the band used to play in Self Conviction, just four kids, of the seven. Me, Marcos and Luciano didn't.

Several months ago you decided to split up! Why did you stop with PONR and what was the reason to start it again?
We quit for several reasons. One was because we were having some violence at our shows here and we were kind of tired of fighting. We have some good fighters in the band (not me of course), but we don't think the band as a way to get fights every show. Another reason it was because some people thought that the things were kind of stagnated in the band, like a repetition of the same rituals and stuff. And there were some people that were back then too busy with personal stuff.

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