First of all please introduce yourself and the whole band to me and your readers and give me a brief survey of the band's history.
We started in 1994, but did very little. We went into the studio and recorded one song, it was all we had. Unfortunately, none of us have a copy of this song any more, tho, that may be a good thing! It wasn't the musical direction I personally wanted to do. We talked a bit and it was decided we'd go down the slayer road, much to my approval. We got together about 4 songs, but 4 songs it stayed for a very long time. It didn't help that we all lived apart, nick and Andy lived in Bradford, Chris in Liverpool, and I lived in Gloucestershire, so it was a good 3 hour drive up to Bradford to practice. we later recorded a couple of the songs for comps, one was on the rod coronado benefit stones to mark a fire, and another on means to an end comp on armed with anger. Neither of songs were very good, or more so the production (the studio was terrible!) Chris decided to leave the band, and go from drums to singing for withdrawn. He later went on to form Slavearc, with Craig, the drummer who replaced him in unborn. Craig toured Europe with us, at that time, as a stand in cos Chris couldn't make it. The tour was fun, and we got on well with feeding the fire, even if we didn't really agree with their politics. It was good fun, but not so good financially! With this line up we recorded the truth CD on Lifeforce. We weren't totally happy with it, in fact I wasn't happy at all, and it just really lacked power. Not too long after we recorded the CD, Andy left the band. Karl (at the time bassist for canvas) stepped in, and we also got a second guitarist in Nigel, who was from London (the logistics didn't get any better!). Nigel decided to leave, and we kind of faded away, with nothing really happening, we all had other projects on the go, and personally things. About 2 years (?) after this we decided to try and get things going again. We got tom in to play bass, with Pete (both from Liverpool) on guitar, and I moved from guitar to drums. We got offered the split CD with purification, as Maurizio was, and still is, a very good friend of ours. We obviously agreed to do it, if there was one band we would love to do collaborate with, it was purification. Unfortunately, nick was an away on a 6 month tour of Asia, so someone else had to step in on vocals...me! We recorded the songs on a 16 track I'd recently bought. Some reviews were not favourable of the production/recording. We were happy with it. After all, we are really just a punk band. We are not some hot metal band. We liked the idea of doing it ourselves, if, we could. So we did, and do not regret that move. Since the CD's release, we have done very little. We plan on recording again in the near future, who for, we don't know.

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