First of all can you please introduce yourself and the whole band to me and give me a brief survey of the band's history?
We are hailing from Poland, based in Warsaw, have been around for 7 years already. We put a demo tape in 1997, then "Generation of Sleepwalkers" CD/tape in 1998, then "Child of Eternity" CD/10"/tape in 2000/2001 and "Still walking with the fire" last summer. The band consists of 5 guys: Daniel & Adam on guitars, Peter on drums, Marcin on bass and Patryk on the microphone. We formed the band to promote certain ideas and have fun all together, as we are pretty good friends.

What forces you that you still play in Sunrise?
We started as the band where everybody gained some level of consciousness, as we were vegetarians and sxe, so we wanted to spread our word. We were just angry youth which wanted to have their own say, sounds cliché, but it was exactly just like that. Over the years we learnt much more, developed our believes, which is a natural progression. And we don't claim to have all the answers at the moment, but the experience we got make us even more curious, stubborn and pissed off with this world. There are tons of things we can talk about from many different perspectives, there are plenty of issues untouched and what's the most important - our anger is not out of date, you know - there are enough reasons to scream about. We haven't burnt ourselves out, we strenghten what we believe in, parting ways with this system's politics more and more. Even if we are not just high school kids anymore we are still rebels. We went through some shits with the band, we had our dark days, having troubles with line up or being trapped by everyday life, but we never gave up. So it made us stronger and we met many friendly people, we have strong bonds with many friends who have been supported us since the beginning and nowadays more and more people help us out a lot. We are in touch with tons of likable people and all these contacts on shows, mail we got keep us inspired. And we still have fun with each other, so Sunrise is simply part of our life.

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